(On)Bekend”(=”(Un)Known”)  is an initiative to connect Dutch people with the lost local varieties of fruit and vegetables in our country.  This is to help improve local nature and culture and above all to get acquainted with this beautiful and delicious products and the ability to give people a good choice in supermarkets, better than the limited selection that is available through the supermarket chains.

There are currently around seven types of apples in supermarkets, but there are so many other old species that are available, but we do not know them because of the selection by supermarkets. Here we lose a part of an old part of the Dutch culture and in the long run it hurts our biodiversity, wich could be threathing for the future because specific deseases could whipe out entire harvests. While older races would not have that same problem some times.

By placing a product in the world that symbolises missing products you let consumers see what’s missing, for example: apples. The packaging stands out in that sea of colours because of the fact that you are missing something. People notice it.

At the same time we’re showing people that something is missing and we give people the opportunity to get to know these old products, learn about food. Give them knowledge and to get these unknown products in their supermarket.

Attached to this all where other platforms to help people connect to what they want, and how they could get it in their local supermarkets again.



  • Vacuumforming
  • Modelling
  • Product test
  • Graphic design