Masks of Music

Music masks is a project about the symbolising power of masks and how it can begin to represent a person’s identity and how it can grow to be a symbol for a genre or movement. This power was shown to me after watching a documentary about “real life superheroes” who use a costume or a mask to represent a certain way of living, these real Americans then got fans and people who support that ideology.
My initial experiment was to create a mini-poster series of masks that could represent certain genres of music , from “industrial” to “electro” I used modern pop culture to create associations between certain types of masks and music.  The small poster would be ideal for collecting and for people to post on their wall, and in small portrait frames.

The prints where made by creating small printing blocks of linoleum and wood, one of the things I wanted to do was to try to get vector based quality prints. Like with silk screen printing, clean sharp lines and small clear details. To do this I had to experiment with the laser cutter at school to create the images. I created the print blocks by creating my masks in Illustrator and then laser cutting the images out of wood or linoleum. By cutting a square of linoleum you create a positive and a negative image, by keeping this together and just applying glue to the positive and then gluing it to the wood you get an extract a mirror image of your design. By then using the same techniques as with block printing you print your designs on the blank mini-posters.

You could also engrave the images in the linoleum or wood but I noticed a less sharper line because of the way the laser cutter engraves images, also it takes up to 3 times as much time to cut but it does save you time on gluing.


  • Illustrator
  • Lasercutting