HIKY (“HICKEY”) =a Vacuum stimulator and Vibrator.

Initial product
HIKY started as a finished prototype on my desk at SHOTS, the concept of the HIKY is that it’s a clitoral stimulator and vibrator. By using vacuum suction and vibrations to stimulate the clitoris it’s meant to give an orgasm. But when you are not in the mood for just clitoral stimulation it can also function as a vibrator, thus giving the user the swiss army knife of adult lifestyle toys.

Initially the product had a different shape suction head, but looking at the prototype I realised it wasn’t going to work. The head was flat so it was going to be difficult to place it between the labia. So i recommeded a redesign of the suction head with a more protruding tip which would make it easier to place it on top of the clitors and between the labia.
The older design would have been difficult to place between the labia.

After that came the search of what too name the toy and it’s logo, since it has a very defining shape the initial names went to describe the “Horn” shape of the toy. But looking at the toy it did not describe the function of the toy aptly, eventualy I came up to a word play on HICKEY. Wich means “a suction kiss mark”, thus telling what the product thus without too much words.

Initial concepts of the packaging are very minimal, if you look at the packaging in the rest of the industry they are often over the top regarding colors. The idea was to keep it as clean and perhaps as white as possible but just innovate with the form to stand out from the crowd.

But during presentations of initial mockups, the feedback was overwhelingly in fabor for a full color packaging.

Brand materials
Too accompany the packaging and product a small instruction manual was made with instructions how to use the toy. Besides that different marketing materials were made, including: ads, infographics and a video.



  • Conceptualising
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Rhinoceros 3D
  • Cinema4d