Packaging development for EMOJI ball gags, first concepts developed by the other designers where not adequete enough.
So I was asked to create some concepts, the products are meant to be placed in “expo” like stores. This entails the products and packaging have to be more funny and mainstream then our other products.

My initial concept was to create a packaging line with faces where the ballgags are placed on it,
second fase was for the new release of ballgags to use social media and get people to send in their bottom half of their face to get on the packaging.
Thus creating a fun and diverse line of packaging that changes and stays interesting with each new printing run of the packaging.

Initial concept was not used for the packaging, but the marketing concept was used for advertisements.

The final concept with all the EMOJI was chosen to be the packaging for the emogag line, a simple but effective and very energetic packaging wich immediatly shows you all the available ballgags.


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Indesign