Paperlayer Glasses

Layered paper block prototype glasses

What defines me as a designer, what is a constant in all my work? It’s the way how I view things, the unexpected connections. What would happen if I wouldn’t be able to see all those things, make those connections.
A part of me, and what helps me in that are my glasses. But they do not show who I am, they are non-environmental mass produced product, how would my glasses look like if they truly represent me. Glasses made by a graphic designer, made from material I know. Paper, from the billboard art project I learned how strong layered paper can be, all those layers of poster resembled multiplex with enough layers. A graphic design medium repurposed to show something new.

The paper was criss-crossed while gluing the pages to create strength by the different runs of the paper, just like with plywood. The different directions of the paper create strength and make it difficult to tear or break, it flexes and is just as strong as plywood. By giving a used material a new purpose I try to show the beauty of the material and let people see that the usage of a product doesn’t have to stop after 1 time.



  • Illustrator
  • Autodesk
  • Lasercutter
  • CNC
  • Press (to create layered paper blocks)