Greenwave Identity & Packaging

Packaging concept for Green Eco friendly Sport /lifestyle product line, “GREENWAVE”. This identity and product line was created during my internship @ Sky-WW design department, in Shanghai. The design of the packaging revolves around efficient and minimal design, for example the QR-code to give people easy access to the other resources instead of using standard exercise DVD’s, and it also again reinforces the brand association because when your scanning the QR you are “actively” looking at the brand. The other element is the minimizing of packaging, just this piece is needed to showcase it in the store, and the product is secure but can be touched by customers.

After purchase the packaging will fulfil another roll and that is of hanging the Nordic walking Pole at home. Thus adding functionality and value to something that normally gets thrown away when the product is bought. This increases the value of the packaging beyond it’s normal use of sale and protection.


Sketching process for “ Green Nordic Walking Pole” , from initial sketches similar to standard packaging to the packaging where people can grab the handle to see if they like the feel.

Also sketches for a prototype cardboard tie wrap, prototype worked well, was strong and would suite the rest of the packaging elements. Could be implemented to secure products more for in store security.


  • Sketching
  • 3d Modelling
  • Adobe Graphics
  • Prototyping with laser cutter