About Me

I am a 31 year old Semi-funny Designer, what defines me as a designer is my insatiable curiosity for new things. From new developments design to vintage scramblers, when something captures my interest I submerge myself in it.

Through dedication and professionalism I translate my curiosities into work that pushes the limits of the graphic field or medium of work.

The meeting or collision of digital and analog often plays a major role in my own work, how to make the two work together instead of focussing on just one. An important moment for me was the experience in Shanghai, the opportunity to work there gave me a different view about the simplest things in our western culture. Over how we deal with our family and our retirement homes and why physical contact is so taboo in our society. This ensures that even the most self-evident of things gets questioned and analysed, because of this you can break with tradition and move forward to find new solutions.

Work Experience

<February 2017- Present> Graphic Designer, Dobotex – PUMA SE Group, The Netherlands.

As a graphic designer at the Dobotex Creative kitchen I work on different aspects to present our 4 bodywear and legwear licensed brands, the brands being Puma, LEVI’S, Tommy Hilfiger and Head.

Presenting our brands entails work from creating unique stories and attached retail campaigns, supporting pos & digital marketing, for example to give direction for creating videos about our bodywear.


<January 2015- January 2017> Designer, Shots, The Netherlands.

As a Designer I work at the Shots Design department, one part of my work is to manage & track the projects in the studio. This entails communicating with
external & internal project owners and briefing the other designers on the project. During the development of the projects I’m responsible for tracking and
giving feedback on the shape and content of the projects to the designers, after the projects are completed I was responsible for the final check of the artwork and total picture. One simple way of improving on the planning was to implement a cloud based planning software, in wich we are able to track in wich stage the project is and
where everyone can edit it to add aditional information. This gave us a greater insight as a team.

Besides my role as managing the traffic I work on developing new products and brands, from research & conceptualising to production. I’m responsible for
every part of the design proces. For example creating the marketing materials, in-store infographics or website where part of the total package we created.
The change to create something that has to be different and catch and hold the consumers eye is exelharating, to find new ways to catch their eye in a busy store
or even on a online platform.

<April 2014- December 2014> Graphic Designer, Xindao, The Netherlands.

As a graphic designer I worked at the Xindao marketing department, this entails that I am part of the effort to Develop and Design new approaches for Xindao sharing their product lines with their customers and any other communicative aspect.
From designing and producing websites to developing interactive posters to showcase new product lines. I’ve had a hand in most aspects of communication design. The challenge to get the customers attention in this competitive industry and conforming to the demands being set fort by the company to still create unexpected and useful results.

<2009-2013> Freelance Designer, The Netherlands.

Since 2009 I have been working as a designer with local companies and organizations, for example: Marnan.eu, T&E , Durtzaant, GrossiersPrijzen and de Walburg. During these projects I searched for a way to present the companies on a new level, to connect their customers with their message, ideas or products. The balance between the consumers need and the companies need is one of the more challenging things to manage. For example the customers need, the need for: identity, information, connection or service. By talking to the client I found out what the exact needs are, this can vary from just web development to branding or a campagne to make customers aware of a new service.

<03-2012/09-2012> Sky-WW Design department, Shanghai, China.

New design department, in an international company in Shanghai. I got an opportunity to work on some amazing big projects with interesting design challenges. And on the other hand I got the chance to fill some different roles in the team, from designing packagings, project management and leading a team to direct client communication. The aspect of mixed Design, the chance to work on a product from design to branding, and the management role of organizing different projects where the things that I liked the most. It challenged me and redefined my aspirations to a mixed design while leading a design team.



Bachelor of Design, Akv. St. Joost; Avans University of Applied Sciences.


Propaedeutic diploma in Communication Multimedia Design, The Hague University.


Dutch, English, German and (first basics) Mandarin

Hobbies & Interests

Creating furniture & welding, sci-fi movies, fantasy books, games & traveling.